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Patients can feel embarrassed or uncomfortable discussing health or emotional issues following a stroke. The cards empower patients by allowing them to see and select common issues around stroke and then giving them “permission” to discuss difficult subjects and not avoid them. This helps to make appointments more effective for the patient and the therapist and ensures that important issues are addressed. The cards help to structure conversations and focus on key issues, ensuring the best use of time during an appointment.

Suitable for anyone involved in stroke rehabilitation including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech & language therapists.

Simple design aids cognition. Give “permission” for conversations. Minimise embarrassment by showing common issues. Maximise time – focus quickly on key issues.

designed specifically for stroke patients

The cards feature simple designs to aid cognition and communication, and are divided into 4 categories, each containing cards representing common issues faced after a stroke:

At the beginning of a meeting the healthcare professional and the stroke patient both select picture cards from the pack that represent the things they’d like to discuss. People who may feel anxious or embarrassed about discussing physical and emotional issues are given “permission” to discuss topics which they might have avoided.

Stroke Touchpoint Cards helps participants to focus on important issues, structuring the conversation and ensure that the patient gets maximum benefit from the appointment.

Cards can be used by all health professionals working supporting stroke patients and they can also be used with family and friends.

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